Uniform and Supplementary Telegraph Code words

ABAG	Out of gauge transversely loaded car bodies
Abdo	Stock over 75 per cent
Abed	Stock and goods over 75 per cent
ABEL	Chief Mechanical Engineer's staff to check load at .....
ABEW	Load must not pass alongside wreckmaster or other out of gauge loads which over-hang
ABLA	Special stock train will leave at .....
Abol	Goods over 75 per cent
Abot	Fast stock trains run for 24 hours to 5am(individual No. of train tonnage and capacity) ..... light loading due to .....
Abuf	Stock and goods under 75 per cent
ABUZ	Special goods train will leave at .....
ACLO	..... is amended to depart
ACME	A light engine will leave ..... station at .....
Acre*	..... Train arrived complete at .....(time)
Adan	Stock under 75 per cent
Adbi	Engines on hand
Adjo	Engine No ..... ex here for workshops can haul full load
Adke	Engine No ..... ex here for workshops can not be attached to train and must run light
Adlo	..... will run ..... minutes later than tabled
Adna	..... will run ..... minutes earlier than tabled
Adox	..... will run ..... to following altered table
Adul	No ..... Express, leaving ..... on (date)..... will work from ..... to ..... by ..... locomotives and on section named run to altered times shown in working timetables
Affy	Following engines not used for ..... hours, but cannot be withdrawn or stored, as will be required at (time)..... on (date).....
Agad	Number of trains preceding 24 hours, up and down separately
AGNE* Permission is requested to obstruct the single line outside that home signal, or (in the case of a staff station where a home signal is not provided) beyond the outer facing points
Agop	Total number of engines used, up and down separately
AGRA	..... train left here at .....
AHAB	..... train(or trains) left here on time
AJAX	Engine left here at .....
AJOW	..... train (or trains) arrived here on time
Ajun	Engine under repairs
Akom	Arrange for engine No ..... to be sent to ..... for .....
AKRU	Special train notice No .....
Alim	Trains required but not forecast due to shortage of engines
ALJE	Thence as tabled
ALOK	A special ..... train will run as under, advise all concerned.  Wire acknowledgment
ALTO	..... train will run
AMAL	..... train will run in two division as follows .....
AMAS* With master key
AMBA	Require following train or trains to run
Ambu	Authority is required for ...... train to be propelled from ..... to ..... on ...... 
Amco	..... train may be propelled form ..... to ..... during daylight; speed when propelled not to exceed ..... kilometres per hour, and Rule 202 to be observed
AMEX	..... train will not run
Amfi	Runs as follows:
AMID	..... train is running ..... minutes late
Amik	Thence as arranged by .....
AMOZ	What is case of delay
AMPO	Cancel following trains
AMRI	Arrange for train no ..... to cross at .....
ANAK	Truck loaded with perishable goods
Apix*	..... train left here at .....(time)
ARBU	Trucks loaded wit ordinary goods
ARGO	Trucks loaded with coal or coke
Arti	Number of trucks of coal under load
ARUM	Trucks loaded with timber
Atno	Trains cancelled during preceding 24 hours
ATTA	Trucks loaded with rails
AUDI* Permission for obstruction outside the home signal (or beyond the outer facing points) granted as requested
AVOX	Trucks loaded with metal
AWAK* Obstruction outside the home signal (or beyond the outer facing points) now cleared
AWRY	Pilot working has been arranged
AXPA	Pilot working cancelled by me at .....
AXIS	Received special train notice
AYAH	Provide engine to work
AYBU	Return engine at once
AZOR	Arrange to provide assistant engine

BANI	Take off at your station the following .....
Basa	Reserve room (or rooms) on ..... from .....
BENO	Reserve first class compartment on ..... for .....
BEZA	Air-conditioned accommodation allotted
BIAR	Issue free
BIAS	Reserve economy class compartment on ..... for .....
BIBA	Air-conditioned accommodation desired by passenger and no other acceptable; unless otherwise indicated
BIKO	Economy class reserved seat(or seats) required on train
BIMU	First class reserved seat(or seats) required on train
Bina	Can you secure accommodation at ..... hotel or motel room from ..... for .....
BOAB	Approved open and book additional car
BOAL	Non air-conditioned accommodation allotted
BOBO	Economy class two berth cabin required on undermentioned train
BOLI	Club car seat(or seats) required on undermentioned train
BORY	First class two-berth cabin required for married couple on undermentioned train
BOXO	Air-conditioned accommodation fully booked
BOZA	First class lower berth(or berths) required on undermentioned train
BULO	Economy class lower berth(or berths) required on undermentioned train
BURA	Economy class upper berth required on undermentioned train
BYAD	First calss single room required in roomette car
BYBI	Additional berths required between ..... and .....
BYEF	First class double berth required for married couple in twin berth room
BYON	First class lower berth required in twin berth room
BYPA	Attach sleeping berth ticket, or seat ticket to diagram and recharge amount involved
BYUL	First class upper berth required in twin berth room
CABA	To complete my booking plans please reply immediately by wire numbers of rail and berth tickets issued
CADI	All berths let
CAFA	If all berths let, passenger requests name be listed
CAIS	Berths booked here in car no ..... on ..... for .....
CALA	Following first class seats vacant by ..... train and available for your booking
CALO	With reference to telegrams exchanged, it is noted that your release ..... for my booking on .....
CALU	Owing to heavy booking can you supply additional allotments on .....
CANA	..... train has the following number of passengers:  First ..... Economy ......
CAPO	Provide accommodation in ......
CASU	Will provide accommodation in .....
CATO	The following are the bookings from this station per excursion :-
CAWT	Specially note altered time of departure fro this date and inform intending passengers
CEKO	The undermentioned ticket or pass has been lost.  Please take action to prevent misuse
CELO	You may book ..... additional tickets for excursions
CENA	May bookings for ..... excursions be continued
CENO	Following second class seats vacant by ..... train and available for your booking
Cida	Please give train and date of issue of undermentioned ticket
CIMA	Reserved seats fully booked
CIRY	Has correct day and date of travel been quoted?

Cler	Approximate tonnage to be cleared up to 6am on the following day
CLIO	..... gross tons loading available for undermentioned train
Codo	Wire correct time of train or destination
COMA	In addition to other advices, the following extra trucks will be loaded:-
CONY	Important consignment  for shipment
Cotu	Composite truck
CUJA	Is ship ready to receive cargo at .....
CURO	Consignment for ship ..... may be received on .....

Daco	To be used at Departmental convenience
Dabi	Number of trucks and bags of wheat loaded
Dabo	Number of trucks and bags of wheat loaded for shipment
Daci	Silos loading bulk wheat next week to following country mills
DARA	Ropes on hand
Daso	Empty bulk wheat trucks despatched from Bullock Island
DAVO	Coops on hand
Dawn	..... trucks taken from your quota on .....
DEHY	Diesel hydraulic locomotive
DEMO	Tarpaulins on hand
DILA	Sheep nets on hand
Dipo	The following silos have been closed for loading bulk wheat
Diva	Supply in full, empties and sheets, as ordered by local agents
DODO	Chains on hand
Doma	Have examiner ready to attend hot axle box on .....
Dora	..... trucks authorised to load at yours on ..... subject to trucks being available
Dovi	Bulk wheat empties as released from mills to be used for further silo orders.  Ticket and forward for distribution to ..... as directed by Mana Wheat
Doxa	Detached with hot axle box off .....
Duga	Application for ..... trucks to load at yours on ..... declined
Duko	Make the best use of bulk wheat empties in local service
DYAK	Empty stock trucks on hand
EBER	Empty goods trucks on hand
EBON	Loaded goods trucks on hand inwards
ECCE	Loaded goods trucks on hand outwards
ECHO	None on hand
EDAR	Loaded trucks on hand over 12 hours
Eden	Tonnage despatched for preceding 24 hours up and down separately
EDIX	Livestock trains in transit
Edko	No more loading to build load to full capacity
Edly	Not later than
Edna	Tonnage on hand 6am up and down separately
EDOW	Goods trucks in transit
EDOX	Short of ..... at ..... today.  What can you do to assist?
ELAH	None to spare
ELIM	Required for use on .....
ELMO	Required for tomorrow's use
EMIR	..... trucks required for station use in addition to those on hand
Emna	Transit arrangements for stock loading
EPIC	..... trucks required to load on .....
Epro	Bagged wheat loaded for produce trade
Eram	Restocking rates will apply if conditions are fully complied with
EROS	..... urgently required.  Release all possible.  Advise how many available.
ESAU	..... trucks from ..... not yet to hand.  Urgently required.  Send on with all speed
Esma	After ..... train I require the following
ETAM	What is being done to supply
ETEL	Empty trucks despatched to .....
Eter	Empty bulk wheat trucks for distribution from non-loading stations and depots
Etek	Bulk wheat loaded
Evan	Empty bulk trucks on hand 7am today
Evar	Empty bulk trucks on hand 7am yesterday
EVAY	Empty trucks received at this station since last report
EVIL	Stop supply of empty wagons to .....
EVIX	The following orders have been cancelled
EVOT	..... orders ..... trucks to load here for ..... on ..... Can you supply?
EXIT	Order for trucks to load at ..... on ..... accepted
Exor	Sender (or agents) to arrange spelling
Ezak	Detached off no ..... here today.  Stock down will be reloaded and despatched by No .....
EZAR	Order for trucks declined, no trucks available until .....
Ezon	Forecast silo orders, week commencing .....
Ezop	Total number of trucks to be loaded each district for the week
Ezow	Silo orders commencing ..... received
EZUK	I am arranging supply of trucks
Ezro	Warn senders or agent of delay at ..... waiting connecting trains and to give stock any necessary attention
FAMA	Inform ..... the following trucks will be supplied
FARO	After supplying previous orders
FOLU	..... detaining trucks under load.  Arrange to have them discharged at once and reply
Foto	Application to load ..... trucks on ..... in excess of quota declined
FOXO	Trucks loaded since last report
FUMY	Loaded trucks outwards, waiting transit over 12 to 24 hours
Funo	Loaded trucks outwards, waiting transit over 24 to 36 hours
Fusa	Loaded trucks outwards, waiting transit over 36 hours
Gala	..... vehicle (or vehicles) on undermentioned train hence ..... arrange
Gati	Number of trucks under load and net tonnage of same
GIBY	Arrange to work forward
Gimy	Required for shipment
GIPO	Send all spare .....
GORY	May I attach the following to undermentioned train?
HABA	May I accept?
HAGI	You may accept
HAKO	Do not accept

HALO	Search ..... carriages of undermentioned train for the following, and if found, send as under, and reply
HARA	Not to hand.  Trace and wire particulars.  Urgently required
Haxo	Said booked at yours
HAZY	We are short of the following.  If on hand,  forward by first train and reply
HEBE	If on hand at your station, send by first train
HEFA	Senders load and count - not checked by Department
HEGO	Said left on station premises,  search and advise result
HOZI	Said to have been consigned at ..... on ..... Have special inquiry made and reply immediately by wire,  giving particulars and quoting reference to invoice or waybill
HUTO	..... is said to have been sent to you on or about undermentioned date by ..... station.  Wire particulars of receipt and proof of delivery
HUVA	Give description of case or article and contents and say if any old labels or tags attached or brands appear thereon
HYLA	Make careful inquiry and search at your station
IBEX	 Have you any trace?
IDAS	Cannot trace,  wire me full particulars
IGOL	No trace of
IKON	Wire date and train of arrival of truck ..... date of transfer of contents, and date truck, and train by which forwarded
Ilma	Mail bags short from ..... to ..... Stationmaster ascertain from Post Office whether bag despatched and receipt held
IRAN	Wire how truck labelled and transit ex yours
IROK	Give truck number and date and time of despatch
IVAH	Sent as you waybilled,  make further enquiries
Jako	Place matter in hands of police at once, and advise result of their enquiries
JEHU	Have you any enquiry for?
JODA	If any damage, advise cause, nature, extent, and location in load,  any suggested remedial action
JOPO	No damages noted on discharge
JOPI	Impact register number ..... despatched in ..... on ..... Return impact register by first 'up' passenger train to Inwards parcels office, Spencer Street,  as value and advise despatch details
JORI	Impact register number ..... returned as value per train number ..... on .....

	(b) Incomplete Particulars, Errors, Damages,  etc
JUBA	"Transfer goods" entered as under and said to have been damaged.  Wire condition received and re-forwarded by you
JUNO	Received in bad order.  Say in what condition forwarded and what receipt given.
KAXA	Consignee refuses to accept.  Wire instructions
KEPA	No further address known
KESY	Unable to contact sender
KOLA	Following on hand refused.  Send instructions for disposal and give sender notice articles are held by Commissioner at his risk and expense.
KUFY	Following on hand for want of better address.  Wire full particulars to enable delivery to be effected
LEDA	On hand.  Wire instructions for disposal
LENO	Following trucks received here from your station without waybill.  Wire all particulars and forward waybill
LIBO	Sent you in error on date named.  Forward as early as possible to following Station,  referring to this station for invoice.
LION	Sent you unentered
LOMA	Send copy of invoice(s) or waybill(s) quickly or say if non-issued
LUNA	Received unentered or in excess.  Wire full particulars and send invoice or copy.
Luxi	Your wire received too late to divert ..... here
LYSO	Re-direct and forward to .....
Lytu	Note destination altered to .....
MAGI	If still unable to deliver, dispose of to best advantage
MAZY	Wire how disposed of
MENU	Wire sender's name and address
MICA	Said not to have been delivered
MIRY	Delivered on ..... and signed for by .....
MOVU	..... proposes removing furniture and household effects from ..... to .....
MYAL	You my recharge or transfer the amount
MYRA	Entered 'paid' should be 'to pay' collect and sanction recharge
NADA	Entered 'ta pay' said to be 'paid' and refused,  wire whether correct, and if not sanction recharge or apply to sender.  Reply promptly
NELO	Entered to pay should be 'paid' deliver free and recharge
NERI	..... is correct as received by you
NIKO	Truck (Number and class) loading with (loading) weight ..... ex (certain station) for (consignee) at (destination station) detained here for repairs

	(c) General
NOAH	The undermentioned left behind here.  Will follow next train
NODO	Consignee claims freight should be paid at your station - advise promptly
NOTA	Wire date received at and forwarded from your station and explain any delay to following trucks waybilled from ..... to .....
NUMA	Furnish full particulars of forwarding,  following with copies of invoices
OBAX	Following traffic urgently wanted.  If with you,  work forward first means, wiring particulars of forwarding
OBOE	..... which left undermentioned station on ..... is urgently wanted. Best possible despatch to be given
Oddo	Our COD waybill(used in NSW and Qld only)
ODIC	..... cases butter for ..... in truck
OFOD	Contents perishable
OGLE	Following loaded trucks on hand incurring demurrage
Okas	Permission is required to load ..... standard truck(or trucks) with urgent consignments of .....; freight charges based on ..... tonne capacity minimum
OMAR	Until further advised stop receiving ..... for .....
Omat	Hold wool for .....
OMBI	Following vehicles sent hence per ..... labelled as under and required at ..... alter labels and wire reply
Omed	Deposit forfeited, plus any fees for unnecessary haulage as advised by District Superintendent
OMZA	The net tonnage for fast intrastate merchandise despatched today for transhipment, and the individual truck numbers and net tonnage in each truck as follows
Onji	As special arrangements ..... larger truck (or trucks) may be supplied ..... for urgent consignment and freight charges based on tonne capacity minimum
ONUS	Stop sending traffic as under until further advised
ONYX	Our invoice or waybill
OPAL	Your invoice or waybill
OREB	Freight to pay less deposit
Orga	Collect fresh deposit
Orid	Debit ..... penalty fee for unnecessary haulage in addition to any fees imposed by livestock agent
Ortu	Deposit holds good
Orut	Deposit holds good, collect prescribed alteration fee,  book out and send copy of entry to "Coach"
Orzy	Failed to load today, and penalty fee debited
Oske	Order received by telephone, deposit not collected
OSSA	Deposit paid
Otto	Waybills being received for wool without brands being shown.  Arrange to show all brands and markings
OVIS	.....(type of vehicle) required by ..... arriving ..... on ..... for period of ..... days
Oxat	Deposit on horse box to be forfeited.  Book out to ..... and send copy of entry to "Coach"
Oxik	To unload on platform at ..... entirely at owners risk
Oxot	Book K.T. to ..... by first passenger train
Oxto	Offer to load off platform at ..... entirely at owners risk
OZEF	All charges to pay
OZIN	Charges paid
Ozup	Load into coffin chamber of EHO on No .....
Ozzo	Will be sent in coffin chamber of EHO No .....
PAHO	Passholder

Pajo	Arrange for joint enquiry to be held at ..... into .....
Paku	A joint inquiry will be held at ..... into .....
PASI	Acknowledge immediately by wire
Paxa	Reply immediately to correspondence on following subject and write fully explaining delay
PEDO	With reference to your telegram(or previous telegrams) telephone message of conversation
PEFU	With reference to telegrams exchanged
Peja	Your wire not understood
Peki	More particulars required
PEON	With reference to my previous telegram, telephone message or conversation
PIKO	With reference to your letter
PINA	With reference to telegram from .....
PIZA	With reference to my letter
Poax	Arrange through District Superintendent
PODU	Reply immediately by wire
POLA	Reply immediately by letter
Pomo	Commissioner's paper waiting,  give matter special attention
POZI	Reply immediately by wire, and include other stations or offices to which this is addressed
PRAD	The following ticket(or tickets) has been surrendered for refund by .....
PREN	Certify to amount of fare collected
PROW	Is cash refund on the usual basis agreed to?
PRUL	Cash refund on usual basis is agreed to provided ticket is not endorsed order, ledger or departmental
PUCI	The matter is now in order
Pumo	Unable to take up duty ..... likely to be off ..... days
PUNY	Wire how matters stand
Pura	Take up duty at .....
Pyju	Will resume duty
Pyki	Failed for duty
Pyod	Until further advised
PYRO	Send full report at once respecting
RAPO	Immediately on receipt of this message
RIMY	Take special steps to get important letter by .....
ROSY	Not to hand.  Send copy by first train
ROVA	Confirming my telephone conversation
RUBI	Cancel my advice respecting
RULO	Am forwarding further particulars by letter
RYOT	Your telegram (or letter) upon the following subject has been received. Shall have attention
Ryzu	Rainfall during ..... hours ended ..... mm ..... weather .....

Ryzy	Vehicle No ..... may be worked forward to ..... behind the brakevan of a suitable goods train during daylight provided locomotive branch certifies fit to travel.  If the damaged vehicle is fitted with automatic coupling it must only be worked forward behind a brakevan also fitted with automatic coupling by connecting the automatic couplers on each vehicle but,  if fitted with ordinary drawgear, it must be screw coupled.  Westinghouse brake to be in use throughout train and on damaged vehicle.  Guard to be given written instructions to carefully watch vehicle en route
Sado	Vehicle No ..... with damaged ..... now at ..... and requires to be worked to ..... for repairs;  wire authority to work forward behind brakevan of suitable goods train during daylight
Sali	Water cisterns and lavatory out of order.  Please repair as soon as possible
Sano	Truck weighbridge out of order.  Arrange for man to be sent by first possible train,  also for weighing to be done at other stations until further advised
Saot	..... for repairs,  being sent to you by .....
SEBA	..... working out of order between ..... and .....
Sest	Extra staff in connection with holiday traffic
SEVO	..... out of order, forward another
SILO	..... vehicles on hand here with undermentioned defects
Simu	When will truck or trucks under repair at ..... be returned to traffic?
SODI	Send man here at once to attend to .....
Soex	Carefully examine engine No ..... and wire what wrong and why engine taken off train
SOJA	Fault now removed
Soka	Engine No ..... unfit for traffic owing to .....
Soko	Engine No ..... required for examination at home depot
Suod	Inspection due or overdue
Suco	Inspection carried out

	(b) Supply and Receipt
SOLO	Can you supply?
SUSI	We are short of the following.  Supply at once
TEMA	Send on with all speed
TEPO	Send by first available goods train
TIXY	Wire by what train you send
TOSA	Wire when I may expect
Tuto	Material being sent to you on Engine No ..... working No .....
TYRO	Not yet to hand
UMOT	Arrange to provide
UPAS	Sent you by .....
UZAL	Duly sent hence
VAGA	Will be sent by undermentioned train
VEDI	Have you received .....?  Wire reply
VETO	Wire if since to hand
VIAL	Since to hand

	(c) General
VINY	The following returns are not to hand.  Send by next train and write fully explaining delay
Vitu	Timesheets not to hand forward at once
VIVA	Most urgently wanted
VOCE	Serious complaint made
Voka	Proceed with all possible speed to .....
Vulu	Is ..... desirous of being considered for the position of ..... at .... at .... per annum(or day)
Vuop	Roster No ..... for reducing Sunday duty suspended until further notice.  Advise all concerned
Vuti	Exchange of roster day(or days) off duty
Wako	..... accepts position offered
Wala	..... declines positions offered
Wami	Will ..... accept transfer to ..... as ..... to meet his request for removal?  He will not be entitled to be recouped expenses incurred in removing
WARY	See no delay occurs
Wawy	Relief is required to sign on duty at .....
WAXY	Give matter special attention
Weda	To commence holidays from .....
Wofu	Advise particulars of passes required, and confirm on authorised form
Woto	State of emergency has been declared under section 16, Bush Fires Act, 1958, in climatic districts ..... from ..... to ..... During this period the lighting of any fires in the open air is prohibited
Yaba	Anticipated guards' time for current fortnight is .....
Yadi	Arrange to direct Guard ..... at his address
Yafi	Guard ..... travelling passenger by ..... to relieve guard on No .....
Yago	My guards averaged .....
Yaho	Guards' time unevenly balanced, remedy and advise what done
Yaip	Approval given for employment of temporary labour on wool, stock or reloads(as case may be).  Pay from station cash and submit sheets in usual way to District Superintendent for recoup
Yaka	Guard fresh on
Yanu	Signed on duty less than ten hours rest
Yaol	Guard working ..... will be on duty 12 hours at ..... arrange to watch running and relieve if necessary
Yaqu	The following wages are due .....
Yebo	Station stores requisition book
Yeca	Rest house stores requisition book
Yedu	Station requisition book
Yely	Requisition for monthly supplies
Yema	Send at once requisition for the following despatched to .....
Yepa	Your requisition .....
Yepi	Can you accept ..... as a substitute
Yera	Goods as asked for are unprocurable
ZANY	Arrange accordingly
ZEBU	Arrange and advise all concerned
ZENO	Instruct driver and guard in writing
ZIMA	Enginemen to assist engine signed on duty
Zira	Enginemen on duty too early on the .....
Zoic	Release enginemen of No ..... on arrival to avoid excessive hours
ZOLY	Arrange to relieve driver and fireman
ZONA	Expect to be on duty over ..... hours on arrival at .....
Zuak	Enginemen working No ..... to be returned first available train
ZUDO	Passenger by No ..... to relieve ..... on No ..... to avoid excessive hours. Arrange to instruct him where to alight
ZUKA	Staffs require balancing between ..... and .....
Zuol	Enginemen working No ..... to change over with enginemen working No ..... to avoid .....