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Just finished uploading and HTML for The Central derailment. Karen has graciously set up a few new counters which are now working. *yay*


Today, I located a chemist in Campbelltown that will scan a roll of 36 exposures onto CD at high resolution for only $5 per roll if I get 5 rolls done. I gave them 3 rolls straight away, and have uploaded the results to The Hornsby derailment. Tomorrow, I will give them another 5 rolls for the Central derailment and a Punchbowl incident.
I also removed the link to #ausrail on IRC, as I can no longer be found there, and added this page.

I have decided that all future photo uploads will be at 800x600 due to the majority of people now having larger LCD monitors. When this page first started, most people didn't know how (or couldn't) go higher then 640x480 on their monitors. Due to ongoing thievery from the multitudes at RailCorp, all new 800x600 photos will have a watermark added for identification purposes.

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