Violet Town, 1969

All photos on this page were taken by Kenneth Williams, and the copyright remains with him. Photos may be used for non-profit purposes on the condition that they are always credited to him.

The Southern Aurora collided head on with a freight train at Violet Town.

Here is Ken's story:

I was a passenger on this ill fated train and suffered relatively minor injuries compared to other less fortunate passengers but was eventually paid compensation by the Victorian Railways.

As my then wife and I were located in the rear of the train, we managed to get out quickly and as a keen photographer, I was able to expose a whole roll of colour transparency film of the more or less immediate effects of the impact.

This image as taken within about 5 minutes of getting out of our carriage This image shows the devastation at Violet Town Level Crossing.
Another view at the Level Crossing. Another view at the Level Crossing.
The fires rage as the diesel fuel burns. One of the front sleeping cars.
One of the front sleeping cars. Overturned carriage and rescuers.
A general overview of the scene. Casualties being attended to.
Yours Truly showing bruising to forehead (I actually had a fractured vertebra in my neck).


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