Concord West, June 9th, 1998.

At approximately 04:25 on Tuesday the 9th of June, run 73-A Hornsby Car Sheds to Strathfield empty train took the turnout from the Up Main to the Up Refuge at Concord West in excess of 100 km/h. The reason is the subject of an internal investigation. Seven of the eight carriages derailed, with the clean-up taking two days. The first ten photos were taken on the 9th, and the last 6 photos were taken on the 10th of June.
Picture 1
Picture 2
N5113 stands in the middle of Queen Street. This view is facing North.
These three cars were originally coupled. On the left is N5113, next to D6113, both adjacent to the centre line of Queen Street. On the right is D6174.
Picture 3
Picture 4
D6113 is seen here at right angles to its adjacent car, D6174. The number 1 end of the car is in the centre of Queen Street.
The car on the left is D6114, which was the leading car. It is facing the wrong direction, with the front adjacent to the rear of the second car (N5114). The number 2 bogie can be seen on the right, adjacent to the third car (N5113).
Picture 5
Picture 6
This view shows the drivers cab of D6114, adjacent to the number 2 end of N5114.
This is the bogie from the number 2 end of D6114, adjacent to the third car (N5113), lying in the gutter of Queen Street. The far axle has come loose from the bogie.
Picture 7
Picture 8
On the far left is the fifth car, D6174. In the centre is the second car (N5114), followed by the first car, facing in the opposite direction to which it came (D6114).
An overall view of the scene from the down side of the track. The overhead lines are down, as the train destroyed an overhead stanchion. From the left, the car numbers visible are: D6173, N5173, N5174, D6174, D6113, N5113 and N5114.
Picture 9
Picture 10
This view is from the northern end on the down side facing south. Visible cars are D6173 (8th), N5173 (7th) and D6174 (5th).
8151 stands at Concord West with D6173 and N5173 in tow, bound for Hornsby Maintenance Centre.
Picture 11
Picture 12
N5174 and N5113 stand near Concord West station on Low Loaders, ready to be conveyed to Goninan's Maintrain at Auburn for repair evaluation.
N5113 stands on its Low Loader near Concord West station.
Picture 13
Picture 14
The second car (N5114) is lifted onto Queen Street to await the return of the Low Loaders.
This view shows the underside of the number 2 end of D6114, minus the bogie.
Picture 15
Picture 16
D6114 was lifted onto Queen Street by running a chain through number 8 door, through the cab and out the front window. This meant the electrical cabinet was supporting half the weight of the carriage, hence the considerable bend in the wall.
N5114 stands on Queen Street awaiting the return of the Low Loaders in this 20 second time exposure.


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