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Single Deck Intercity Photos

The U sets were 1500 Volt DC Electric Multiple Unit trains built by Commonwealth Engineering in 1955.
The last 'U-boat' ran on a Sydney Electric Train Society Tour on Sunday, November 3rd, 1996

U Boats
A number of U set cars
are stored at Goulburn Roundhouse for the Sydney Electric Train Society and are seen here on February 9th, 2002.
U Boats
U set cars
are shunted by the "Moon Buggy" at Elstons to make room for a film shoot in the shed. February 7th, 1997.
U Set
pauses at Museum station on the last ever 8 car Single Deck Intercity run on November 3rd, 1996. This tour ran to Newcastle, Penrith via North Shore, Fairfield via Y-link, Campbelltown via Lidcombe loop and Central via City Circle. It was run by the Sydney Electric Train Society.
U Set
U Set
with authentic "The Fish" headboard departs Sydney Terminal after a S.E.T.S. tour.


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